The Language of Losers

Adam gives an update on firing his pool guy, and Stromer talks about concept layouts and cutting tracks. The guys also help callers with humidity problems, and advice for a patio and pool. Show [...]

Done and Done!

Adam and Stromer talk about their experiences at IHOP, recovering from hernia surgery and the benefits of inflicting pain on yourself. Show Summary At the top of the show, Eric Stromer tells Adam [...]

Word of Mouth

Busted garage doors, leaky Jacuzzis, and dead neighbors. Just another helpful home improvement show with Ace and Ray. Show Summary Adam and Ray open the show discussing the importance of word of [...]

Maybe He Wants Me To Die

In the first new episode of 2018, Adam sits down with Eric Stromer to help fans with their tile layouts, mold problems, and pet-damaged subfloors. Show Summary As the show opens up, Adam talks to [...]