Sex Up The Septic Talk

Adam details the Septic Tank YouTube Rabbit Hole he went down, and the guys discuss large-format tiles, hiding old stove vents, and the best way to patch exterior stucco. Show Summary As the [...]

Don’t Let The Time Do YOU!

Stromer asks Adam for his thoughts on starting a remod project during the quarantine, and Adam lists off the signs that you’ve hired someone who doesn’t like to work. Show Summary Adam gives [...]

That Is So Hefner

Ace is in his bathrobe as he and Stromer answer home improvement questions about window replacement, bidets, and roof work. Show Summary At the top of the show, Adam asks Stromer about his [...]

Tiger Box

Stromer gives Adam an update on his fence dispute with the neighbors, and the guys answer questions regarding replacing windows, installing a flagstone patio, and ventilating an A-frame attic. [...]