All of the Sudden, You’re Carl Sagan!

This week Stromer tells Adam about breaking up a fight on one of his job sites, and the guys talk with a new general contractor who wants to know what sort of profit margins he should be [...]

The Joke Doesn’t Translate in Any Language

Ace and Stromer talk subflooring, jib doors, and the importance of wearing a uniform. Show Summary At the top of the pod, Stromer talks to Adam about his subflooring project, as well as [...]

Death Will Be Sweet Relief

Adam and Stromer talk about working with decorative wall panels, and go on to chat with callers about framers leaving trash on the job site, and the proper way to secure molding to a wall. Show [...]

Back in the Game

Adam shows off his floating staircase build, and the guys talk with callers about soundproofing a home theater, and building a quarter pipe for skateboarding. Show Summary Adam beings the podcast [...]