BEST OF: Only In My Dreams

Adam and Stromer admit to awkward dreams they’ve had recently, and go on to talk about water pooling, renovating porch stairs, and Stromer’s Thanksgiving dinner with Madonna. (Originally Aired [...]

You Gotta Turn and Burn, Man!

Adam updates Stromer on his wall-size mirror project, and the guys talk with callers about repairing an exterior fence that was struck by a car, and what to do with hardwood floor issues [...]

That’s So 2020

This week the guys talk with a caller who wants a pergola in their backyard, and they also respond to questions about building around electrical conduits, painting bathroom tiles, and figuring [...]

He Wanted To See If I Had The Goods

Ace and Stromer talk about the perfect list of tools to get the handyman in your family, and the best way to learn how to use them! Show Summary Today’s podcast opens with more talk about [...]