Joe Five-Pack

On today’s pod, Adam and Stromer answer questions about removing and disposing a large mirror, the best type of flooring to use in rental properties, and how to properly clean grout. Show Summary [...]


Multicolor Danglers

Stromer is back in studio after several weeks on the road. The guys discuss the new studio console, leveling a subfloor in a 100-year-old house, and building your own mobile sauna. Show Summary [...]


That’s Why You’re A Model, and I’m A Role Model

Adam breaks down the final touches made to his home theater, and talks about avoiding the power outage happening at his house. Stromer also gets inspired to fight the BS ticket he got for holding [...]

Live From The Stabbin’ Cabin

The guys dole out advice on buying a new house, building a slot car track in your garage, and relocating an outdoor hose bib. Show Summary Adam asks Eric about his continued family road trip at [...]