BEST OF: Keep Up The Good Grouting

Adam and Stromer chat with callers about fixing cracked granite, hanging a patio swing, and merging tile after removing a wall. Show Summary Adam and Stromer start the pod catching up over the [...]

You Never Have To Ask If I Had Something

This week, topics range from demo work to baby gates to Velcro watches. Come for the home improvement advice, stay for Adam’s parody song. Show Summary As the podcast opens up, Adam asks Stromer [...]

The Grand Fir

Ace and Stromer are still in the holiday spirit as they talk about TV troubles, biscuit joiners, and a caller who had their tools and truck stolen from a Home Depot. Show Summary Ace and Stromer [...]


Iffin’ I Was Fixin’ To Uppin’ Tile

Ace and Stromer talk about Christmas tree shopping, lally columns, and the return of Gate Gate. Show Summary Today’s pod opens with a little talk about the current studio remod. Stromer then [...]