BEST OF – Don’t Call Me A Handyman, B****

Adam and Stromer discuss the Coronavirus, and chat with callers about sagging doors, tankless water heaters, and building a platform for a loft. Show Summary Adam opens the show with Eric Stromer [...]


BEST OF – This Is A Game Changer

Adam asks Eric about his recent trip to Las Vegas to check out Aerosmith, and the guys respond to questions about renovating a former kids playhouse, and the reinforcement of a new fence. Show [...]

Another Saturday Night

This week, Adam reaches into his vast musical knowledge and schools Stromer on some Handy Man remakes, Stromer has a new project, and they reminisce on working alongside some veterans. They take [...]

Boy Party…HEY!

This week, the guys kick off the show by swapping bad neighbor stories, Stromer’s building offices, and Ace shares some old school rhymes. They then take your questions on damaged siding, leaking [...]

Lemon Freshened

This week, Adam kicks off the show by sharing the struggles of his garage door, Stromer handles a snake during Thanksgiving, and they dissect some old, and new commercials. They take your calls [...]