A Slow, Slow Journey

This week, Ace vents his frustration and updates us on the current parking lot situation, while Stromer shares his bartering skills to get the misses her bathtub. They then take your calls on [...]

The Carolla Plug

This week, Stromer’s fascinated with Ace’s haircut, to which Adam shares his hair and bartering game throughout the years, and then they dive into the infamous cold plunge. Later, they take your [...]

Shame Spiral

On today’s show, Mrs. Stromer wants a new master bathroom and the mister’s ready to deliver, Ace takes a deep dive into bath barrels, laminated glass, and a new way to build your shower. They [...]

Organizational Dopes

The guys are ready for the new year with their planners and My Little Pony checkbook, they discuss old school hardware stores, when dudes were dudes, and guys named Russ. Then they take your [...]