Lonely and Excited!

This week, Stromer’s manning the ship while Ace is out promoting the new book. He tells us the misconception parents have with mold and the impact on their children. Then he takes your questions [...]

How am I Telling You How Deep Your Hole is?!

This week, Stromer returns to the studio and Adam gives us an update on the book. Then, they talk about how the newer generation has changed and their lack and need of mentorship. Plus, they talk [...]

I Second That Emotion

This week, Adam returns from his book tour in New York City and Stromer stays on the East coast for some basketball. They take your email, calls, and video questions on brittle roof tiles [...]

What A Life!

This week, Stromer’s takes a break from the great outdoors to join Ace back at the studio, ready to discuss lighting, fake windows, and they reminisce on the good ole T&G days. Then, they [...]

He Once Shot a Man Just for Snoring!

This week, Stromer’s back in studio! They take a deep dive into the late Lou Pearlman, and they return to the Old Wild West of informercials. Then, they take your post hole filler, repurposing [...]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Better

This week, Stromer joins the show from Orlando, they discuss international basketball players, and Adam fact checks young Santino. Then, they take your questions on glass terrariums, wiring a [...]