Straight Outta Genius

While you enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers, let Ace and Stromer tell you about re-adhering vinyl, how to properly hang a door, and how roofing shingles have changed over the years. Show Summary [...]

The Sheet Rock Game

Ace and Stromer answer several video questions about bathroom tile, kitchen back splash, and cleaning up the job site. They also chat with a flirtatious caller about plumbing for an Accessory [...]

I’m Angry at Gutters, Tear ‘Em All Down!!

Big show this week, with lots of tile talk and listener calls. Stromer also explains how he first became a contractor, and Adam rants about a gutter commercial he hates. Show Summary As this [...]

I’m Done With My Hostilities Toward You

This week Adam argues with a caller over the difference between bottle jacks and pole jacks, and the guys go on to talk about grout brushes, urinals, and Raffi. Show Summary At the top of the [...]

There Is A Lift For You

Ace and Stromer talk with callers about needing to trim the wood around a bathroom door frame, renovating and remodeling a fireplace, and what to do with making a hidden door work properly. Show [...]

All of the Sudden, You’re Carl Sagan!

This week Stromer tells Adam about breaking up a fight on one of his job sites, and the guys talk with a new general contractor who wants to know what sort of profit margins he should be [...]