The Ballad of Ricky Nelson

This week, Stromer has a new hairdo, very reminiscent of the late Ricky Nelson, then Adam shares some more atrocities from Yoko Ono. They also take calls and video questions on a rusting rod iron [...]

More Than a Feeling

This week, Stromer’s lawn comes to a screeching halt, and Adam’s ready to shake things up a bit. They also take calls and video questions from overseas, drainage issues, and some unsettling [...]

Sump Pump Ejector King

This week, Stromer’s fresh off his flight from Indiana, he gives us an update on the branch incident, and Adam shares his big race weekend. They also take calls and video questions on floor [...]

Museum of Annoying Guys

Ace and Stromer talk about an old Man Show bit, the best kitchen appliances, and building a bunkbed Show Summary This week’s pod opens with Adam playing a funny Man Show clip called the “Museum [...]

Dad, Why Are You Yelling?

Ace and Stromer trade neighbor war stories and help listeners with projects from shading a deck to refreshing a garage and much more. Show Summary Stromer comes out hot with a story about a [...]

You’re In The Real Dumb Part of the Year

Ace and Stromer say goodbye to the Porcelain Punisher, and answer questions about building a door job, fixing a leaky roof, and getting rid of a fireplace. Show Summary At the top of the show, [...]