He Ain’t Equipped To Float

This week, Ace and Stromer discuss bathroom remods, second story roof patios, and a plea for Adam to run for California Governor. Show Summary Ace and Stromer begin today’s podcast comparing [...]

We Should Have Been Hoarding Plywood

Ace and Stromer settle ‘Gate Gate’ once and for all, and attempt to ruin Stromer’s birthday with news of increased pricing for plywood. Show Summary Today’s show opens with a discussion about [...]

Lattice Apparatus

Ace and Stromer help fans with their leaning cinderblock walls, broken sinks, and weather-damaged windows. Show Summary Eric Stromer is once again in studio, and he opens the show telling Adam [...]

Brood and Exude

Eric Stromer is back in studio for the first time in over a year! The guys complain about the rise in plywood prices, and answer phone call questions about hydraulic doors, cabinetry, and shower [...]

As Much As I Love To Throw Tradespeople Under the Bus…

After a follow up to last week’s controversial ‘Gategate’, Adam and Stromer talk to a caller about low voltage vs. regular voltage lighting, and answer Twitter questions about PVC fence posts, [...]


This week’s pod features a controversial discussion about how to properly hang your fence, plus the guys respond to your email, video, and phone-in questions. Show Summary At the top of the show, [...]