I’m Talking, Here We Go!

Ace and Stromer respond to an email question regarding fixing a cracked concrete patio, and rain-proofing the patio cover. They also talk with callers about waterproofing a basement, and fixing a [...]

We’ve Awl Been There

Adam and Stromer talk with callers about home sauna installations, moving a front door, and fixing trim on an island that keeps popping off. Show Summary The show opens up with Adam complaining [...]

Everyone Listening Would Like It If You Harmonized

This week, Adam and Stromer chat about finishing baseboards in a basement, fixing creaking hardwood floors, and ways to save space when designing a bathroom or kitchen. Show Summary Adam starts [...]

I Would Say “Si!”

Adam and Stomer discuss ‘Guys Who Don’t Work’, and also answer questions about tub plumbing and sealing grout. Show Summary At the top of this week’s podcast, Adam talks to Stromer about his [...]

I’m Sorry It Had To Come To This

Adam yells at Caelan for his bizarre A/C solution, and the guys answer questions about Cigar Store Indians, patching stucco, and gluing transition pieces. Show Summary At the top of the pod, Adam [...]

Sex Up The Septic Talk

Adam details the Septic Tank YouTube Rabbit Hole he went down, and the guys discuss large-format tiles, hiding old stove vents, and the best way to patch exterior stucco. Show Summary As the [...]