That Dream Has Never Been Realized

Tons of calls on this week’s show! Issues include squeaky subfloors, full home renovations, tubs that don’t get hot water, smoke detector problems, and dealing with general contractors. Show [...]

That’s Too Much Tool For You

This week, Adam talks about fabricating a spiral staircase, and Stromer discusses a project he’s working on involving converting a garage into a recording studio with a carriage door. Show [...]


Slathered in Mayo

Ace and Stromer take calls about mounting a small vintage motorcycle to an interior wall, and dealing with bats in the chimney. Show Summary This week’s show opens with Stromer discussing the [...]


The Adobeman

Ace and Stromer talk about modular homes, and help callers with advice on removing a large pane of glass, taking your business to the next level, and the pro and cons of remodeling vs. demoing. [...]


The Meaty Joist

Get out of the heat and listen to Ace and Stromer taking calls about installing a beam on a brick fireplace, flashing a patio cover to a stucco wall, and more talk about hanging a porch swing. [...]


Keep Up The Good Grouting

Adam and Stromer chat with callers about fixing cracked granite, hanging a patio swing, and merging tile after removing a wall. Show Summary Adam and Stromer start the pod catching up over the [...]