Could You Not Be That Guy?!

Adam rants about half-assed electricians, and the guys help an international caller who is beginning their woodworking apprenticeship. Show Summary At the top of the show, Stromer gives Adam an [...]

Bad Stromer

Stromer gets an emergency call from one of his workers about a brand-new project getting hit with water. Adam and Stromer talk about recording while you’re riddled with anxiety, and they help [...]

The Top Hat Channel

Stromer’s yard project gets derailed after discovering exposed wires, and Adam rants about Coronavirus and concrete slabs. Along the way the guys also chat about The Simpsons, and Gus the Mule. [...]

The Cat’s Always Pissed, But It Works!

This week, Ace and Stromer take calls about subflooring, garage door repair, and drainage issues. They also answer a video question about exploding pool filters and cracked roof tiles. Show [...]

A Road to Ruin

Today’s podcast focuses on roof work… from hot mopping, to painting, to finding a roofer who isn’t a total nutcase. Show Summary Adam and Stromer open today’s show talking about their current [...]

Never Sleep on a Good Access Panel

Adam and Stromer answer an email question about installing a deck tub, and also talk with callers about doors closing on their own, and switching out carpet for tile on uneven floors. Show [...]