Just Within Reason

This week, Stromer and Ace are singing and dancing their way into the weekend, they dive into a well with a baby, and what to do when your dog chews up the table. They also take you calls on a [...]

That’s Mr. Threshold to You!

This week, Stromer is in need of some technical assistant and Adam shares his own struggles with the internet. They then take your questions on replacing a subfloor, molded drywall, and building [...]

Freshly Flowbee’d

This week, Adam and Stromer get into some hot hair talk from grooming techniques to the return of a popular haircutting tool from the past. Then, they talk your calls on hidden doorways, sliding [...]

Crazy from the Heat

This week, Ace and Stromer are surviving the heat and they reminisce on the Then, they take your questions on crown molding, upgrading your saw, hot grout and hard wood talk. Plus, Stromer gets a [...]

Cisterns Are Doing it for Themselves!

This week, Ace shares some late-night viewing with Stromer, from ‘Highway Patrol’ to ‘Dragnet’ and the coat hanging, cigarettes, and hats of classic tv shows. After they watch a snippet from a [...]

I’m Just Lookin’ For Some Tush

This week, Ace is back and Stromer’s stoked!  They sing their lungs out to some bangers, Stromer shares his experience with his new security cameras, and Adam shares his red nail polish [...]