Brood and Exude

Eric Stromer is back in studio for the first time in over a year! The guys complain about the rise in plywood prices, and answer phone call questions about hydraulic doors, cabinetry, and shower [...]

As Much As I Love To Throw Tradespeople Under the Bus…

After a follow up to last week’s controversial ‘Gategate’, Adam and Stromer talk to a caller about low voltage vs. regular voltage lighting, and answer Twitter questions about PVC fence posts, [...]


This week’s pod features a controversial discussion about how to properly hang your fence, plus the guys respond to your email, video, and phone-in questions. Show Summary At the top of the show, [...]

Rock My World, Bitches!

Ace and Stromer deliver another instant-classic Ace on the House with solid home improvement advice, and even a little singing. Show Summary This week’s pod opens with a conversation about the [...]

What Are You, Some Kind of Mind Reader!?

Stromer gives Adam an update on the pergola project he’s been working on, and the guys give advice to a caller looking to make a ramp for a shipping container. Show Summary At the top of the [...]

Bottle Jack City

Adam and Stromer talk with callers about leaky roofs, a brick fascia that’s falling away from the house, and fixing a corner of foundation that’s started to sink in. Later they chat with another [...]