I’m No Cedar Shingle

Ace and Stromer answer a Twitter question about what to look for when house hunting, and they go on to chat with callers about re-pitching your driveway, installing an AC Window unit into a [...]

A Pox Upon You and Your Backsplash!

This week the guys talk mirror mastic vs. silicone, and chat with callers with bathroom door hinges, radiant ceiling heat, and avoiding sink splash. Show Summary Stromer is once again Zooming in [...]

Everything Is Wrong

Stromer zooms in remote from South Carolina as the guys discuss sealing cold air drafts, finishing a pool area cabinet, and fixing a post with a hole in it. Show Summary Stromer is Zooming in [...]

There Are Stars Everywhere

This week, topics range from ceiling holes to slab spots to construction screws. Show Summary At the top of the pod, Adam asks Stromer for the latest on his poker room and video monitor wall. [...]

Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider calls in to ask the pros why his house is taking so long to build. Ace and Stromer also answer email questions about OSB holes, and grouting/tiling after replacing a dishwasher. [...]

…… Just One More Thing.

This week, the guys respond to a super fancy video question about building a house from the ground up. They also take calls about water heaters, interior walls, and siding. Show Summary Adam asks [...]