Same Hole, Different Angle

In the final show of the season, Adam struggles finding the proper heads for his screwdrivers, another injury impedes Stromer from continuing the master bathroom and they explore the trials and [...]

Different Cracks for Different Backs

This week, Stromer’s walking in injured, Adam blows his mind when he’s introduced to an effective, and handy tool that’s out of this world, and they take a trip to the safari.  Then, they [...]

From Death to Doweling

This week, Stromer’s rocking some new frames, Adam to ponders where all the pennies have gone, and they don their lederhosen. They dissect Stromer’s shower problems and reminisce on the late, and [...]

Hagglers & Hasslers

This week, the party’s full of highs and lows but it’s a celebration none the less. Stromer shares a celebrity encounter, Adam recalls a drywaller named Russ, and they discuss the type of sharks [...]

Possum Pee-Pee Problem

On today’s show Stromer unravels the next steps in the bathroom build, Adam explains how purchasing tiles has changed, and they check out Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason’s ultimate car collection. Then, [...]

A Slow, Slow Journey

This week, Ace vents his frustration and updates us on the current parking lot situation, while Stromer shares his bartering skills to get the misses her bathtub. They then take your calls on [...]