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On today’s pod, Adam and Stromer answer questions about removing and disposing a large mirror, the best type of flooring to use in rental properties, and how to properly clean grout.

Show Summary

Adam and Stromer open today’s podcast talking about their current projects, which includes building a new deck with an expansive pergola. The guys then answer an email question regarding a leaking toilet, which eventually leads to talk about Adam’s friend Philip The Juggler. From there, the guys take calls about water gathering in a crawl space, and the best ways to clean grout. Later they respond to another email question about basement stairs, and they go on to answer more questions about moving and disposing of a large mirror, the best type of flooring to use in a rental property, and how to pretty-up some exterior stairs. As the show wraps up, the guys take one more Twitter question about limiting the sound of a pool pump.

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